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Dimo arrived in today's mail and he is particularly fetching, posed on a fluffy matt wearing naught but his hat and a come hither smile. With verrrra little left to the imagination. He will find a home in my chambre.

And I can't stop giggling!

Accept it as a compliment & move on

Still giggling over Phil calling me his booth bunny last weekend! Hey,I'll take it!

Pacific Rim

The giant mecha in this movie are called Jaegers!  Not that it's a movie I want to see, but ... giant mecha JAEGERS might make me think twice about it.

Shuttle Endeavor

9/20/12; 7:20 a.m.  Saw the space shuttle Endeavor fly over.  Amazing.

Writer's Block: Love Me Tender

Are you lonesome tonight?
What is your favorite Elvis Presley song?

Sewing Room

Almost a year ago I was in in Ikea's buying shelving units for my new apartment.  Today I once again returned to Ikea and bought some cheap, ugly metal shelves & installed them behind & above my sewing desk, basically making the mother of all hutches.  The top shelf is too high for use, but will be a good place to hide  little used crafting materials in decorative boxes.  The other two shelves will be dedicated to notions, boxes of thread, corset fixin's, etc.  Since it's way top heavy, I need to get some shims to put under the front of the L-shaped legs so the weight leans into the wall.  Together with the desk in front of it, it should be fairly secure.  There's hardly any wall space for art, but Lordy, I have storage.

I'm so happy in my little apartment.

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

Love Actually
What is your must-see holiday movie? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

Writer's Block: It’s about to get hairy

Do you like beards, goatees or mustaches? Why or why not?
Kissing a man without a moustache is like eating an egg without salt.
Just saw a barred owl take a snake.  Well worth the mosquito bites.  Now for some Benadryl & bed.

Writer's Block: Remote control

What’s your favorite show on television?